eSports Gaming Gear: Glossary

eSports Gaming Gear: Glossary

We wanted to define a few terms that we use when speaking about eSports equipment, so we've done it. Here it is.


Static Friction

Static Friction refers to how much force is required to start moving your mouse when it is still. High static friction might feel like your mouse is sticking to the mouse pad. Low static friction might feel like your mouse is floating. 


Dynamic Friction

Dynamic Friction refers to how much force is required to continue moving your mouse across the mouse pad. High dynamic friction may feel like moving your mouse through mud. Low dynamic friction feels like your mouse will glide effortlessly over your mouse pad. 


Stopping Power

Stopping Power is the ability to stop your mouse quickly and precisely. Typically, stopping power comes hand in hand with higher levels of friction, both static and dynamic.



Glide refers to how readily a mouse glides across the surface of a mouse pad 



Tracking refers to the ability to track a target with your crosshair or cursor. Typically tracking performance is easier with lower levels of static and dynamic friction. 



Flicking refers to the act of moving your crosshair to a target. Typically, flicking refers to larger movements.



Micro-adjustment refers to adjusting your crosshair to align with your target. As the name suggests, micro-adjustments refer to smaller movements.


Click Timing

Click timing is the ability to time your shot as your crosshair is on the target.


Whiffing your shots is something you want to do less of. Trust.



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