Choosing the Perfect FPS Gaming Mouse Pad: An eSports Guide

Choosing the Perfect FPS Gaming Mouse Pad: An eSports Guide

In FPS eSports, every millisecond counts and having the right equipment can be the difference between a round win or loss. While mouse pads aren't the most glamours, a quality mouse pad can enhance your gaming experience by providing a consistent and precise surface to aim on. In this guide, we'll explore the key factors to consider when selecting the best FPS eSports mouse pad for your needs.

Sizing and shape

The size and shape of your mouse pad can significantly impact your performance. Think about the games you play - do you need a lot of vertical adjustment or are you typically aiming on the horizontal plane? If you play games with a lot of verticality, you might be better off with a large square mouse pad rather than the typical rectangle shape. Your sensitivity will also play a big role in determining which size of mouse pad to use; if you're a low sensitivity player, typically, you'll want a larger mouse pad. Higher sensitivity players can get away with smaller mouse pads.

Surface types

There are way too many factors to cover on this subject in one article, so we're going to cover the basics here. The surface you choose will often depend on the types of games you play, along with your preference, of course. If you're unfamiliar with any of the terms used in the descriptions, have a look at our glossary here.


Control Cloth

Control cloth pads typically have both high static and dynamic friction. This is ideal for players who play slow paced games and want ultimate control when holding angles and increased stopping power for flick shots. An example of a unique control cloth pad is the La Onda X Nachocustomz RIZZ 'DOODLES'. This pad has a unique blend of high dynamic friction with balanced static friction that makes micro-adjustments very smooth. 

Image of LA ONDA X NACHOCUSTOMZ RIZZ 'DOODLES' Mouse pad taken closer to the pad where some edges are not visible..


Speed Cloth

Speed Cloth pads are designed to provide low static and dynamic friction. Speed cloth pads are typically focused on improving tracking feel and less focused on stopping power. 

Hybrid Surfaces

A hybrid pad can refer to a few different things but in this example we'll talk about something quite unique, the FreeFall SV Base Control+ V2. The FreeFall SVBC+ has a silicone style base with a control cloth surface. This combination of materials provides a very unique feeling. The base is essentially incompressible during normal gameplay, providing outstanding consistency, while the cloth surface provides a lot of control and tactile feedback as you move the mouse across the surface.


Glass and Hardpads

Glass and Hardpads are the fastest mouse pads currently available. Using a very hard and smooth surface provides very low static and dynamic friction when compared to other options. These pads can be fantastic for tracking heavy games where stopping power and pixel perfect precision are less important. 


There are a few things to look for when determining the quality of a gaming mouse pad and it's suitability for eSports. High quality, tightly stitched edges are important, if the edges of your mouse pad are not stitched or the stitching is poorly executed, the surface material will begin to separate from the base over time. Uniformity is also important, the surface of your mouse pad should be uniform, ensuring there are no fast or slow patches and that the surface is level. This will enhance your consistency. Finally, the material used for the pad should be high quality and thick to ensure that the mouse pad does not wear prematurely. 



An anti-slip base is essential for keeping your mouse pad in place, especially during intense ranked games. Look for mouse pads with a grippy base that adheres to your desk. Materials like PORON® and IPU foams are typically used for cloth mouse pads (FreeFall SVBC+ excluded). When looking for a hardpad, ensure that the base is fully supported, having a glass pad with 'feet' can cause flex which is undesirable.


Performance of an eSports mouse pad is always the number one priority, however, there are plenty of high quality gaming mouse pads that come in a multitude of different colours and designs. Find something that speaks to you and you'll be more likely to enjoy your set up in the long-term. 


Choosing the right eSports mouse pad is a decision that depends on your gaming preferences and playstyle. By considering factors such as size, shape, surface type, quality, base material, and aesthetics, you should be able to narrow down your choices to a few ideal gaming mouse pads. Following and applying the information in this guide can help enhance your eSports experience and dominate your lobbies. Invest in a high-quality mouse pad, give yourself a few weeks to adjust to the new surface and enjoy the lasting benefits.


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